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2010-11-23 19:47:57 by zenodorri

Im In The Works of a Game Of Epic Comedy Proportions!!!! Its A Videogame, About Video games Inside A Videogame :D im sooooooo excited about it i plann on relesing at the latest new years at midnight to celebrate 2011 with great Laughs :D This Is Going To Be The Third Game Ive Made But First Ive Posted On Newgrounds Soo ill keep you posted if you want with me giving details as the weeks pass by but its going to be quite a big game with two versions of story mode too keep you busy for quite a while just know that itll be worth the wait

TRippy Picture....

2010-10-12 18:19:12 by zenodorri

While i WasTrolling Around On Photobucket, i found one weird picture as i was looking for a pedobear desktop background.... it didnt make a whole lotta sence but hey i guess people drop what ever where ever... oh well just to u can have a picture to go with the words take a look at chuck norris

TRippy Picture....

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This Video Is About A Child Who Decides HeCan Rant On How WE People Are Entitled To Our Own Opinion Watch The Video And Then Enjoy This Boy Make A Fool Of Him Self